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A photo of jnhnguyen jnhnguyen
So I've recently got accepted to both SFU and UBC, but I'm having a tough time deciding which school to go to. I want to get into UBC's pharmacy program and I can complete the prerequisites (first year science courses) at either SFU or UBC. The main reason why I'm debating to go to SFU instead of UBC is because it would be cheaper, especially since it's only my first year. SFU offered me the entrance scholarship valued at $3500 where as if I went to UBC, I wouldn't get anything. If I were to go to UBC, I would most likely live on campus as well. SFU I would live at home. I feel, however, I would have a better experience at UBC, not just knowledge wise but a better social experience as well. But is it worth the extra couple grands, especially since it's only my first year? I also think SFU would be an easier transition from high school to university.

I know on the UBC pharmacy website they say that there is no preference where you finnish your prerequisites, but I think the application committee are a little biased when reviewing your application (correct me if I'm completely wrong). So I'm wondering if I'll have a higher chance getting into the pharmacy program if I go to UBC? :s Or if the case is true and they don't have a preference, would I be better off at SFU since my GPA would most likely be higher? Found this blog spot http://propertyofubc.blogspot.ca/2010/07/first-year-science-where-every-course.html makes me pretty nervous reading it, since those core courses are pretty much what I would take at UBC and the averages seem pretty low according to this student..

I don't know, it's a touch decision to make. If anyone had/has the same or simular situation, any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you !
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I didn't even apply to SFU last year, so I can't give any insight on that, but I am also a -potential- pharmacy hopeful.

I think a lot of schools say they aren't bias about where you did your undergrad studies, but in the end, they probably take mostly in-school students. Most pharmacy students I know did their first year/undergrad at UBC. But think on the other hand, what if you don't get in to pharmacy after your first year, as it happens with a lot of people? Are you going to continue taking Sciences at SFU and hopefully get in the next year, or are you going to want to transfer to UBC? If the latter, then it gets complicated, making sure you have all the pre-reqs and the grades.

I didn't live on res myself this year as I'm from Richmond, but I've heard a lot of good things from people I do. I also feel like the social scene around UBC is a lot livelier than around SFU (I've been to SFU's campus a few times). If you're worried about the cost factor, there's always grants and student loans that'll help you through it.
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