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Shad Valley 2012

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I'm looking to apply this December for the upcoming Shad Valley 2012 program. Please share any advice on the application process and past experiences. Thanks.
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Im glad you posted this, I to was looking into it. Hope someone can help us both :)
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Hey, I'm a Shad Valley 2011 at Queen's University Alumn.

In terms of the application, my three biggest pieces of advice:
1. Get it in by the December deadline. The majority of acceptances are based on this pool of applicants, so are scholarships if you have a 95+ average (I believe).
2. For the Creative part, try doing something or writing about something very personal to you. When speaking to staff at the program, they said collages are no-nos, creative essays are weak as well(there's an essay section for that) but an art piece, a poem, a musical composition and maybe a journal entry would be good. I personally wrote a poem.
3. Like a university application, they look for quality of acitivites rather than quantity. The point of the essay is to elaborate or show the effect of these commitments, so writing on your strongest activity is a safe bet. Of course, don't simply describe it, show in your writing your passion and the experience from these activities into your ideas.

Most of all, I think that you shouldn't worry avout getting it as long as you're confident in your application. I didn't have a 90 average or many awards, but I knew my application was strong and that's key to getting accepted. Let me say Shad Valley was the best month of my life so far and I think that if you have the opportunity, apply, it doesn't cost anything.

If you have any questions about the program, PM or ask me.
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