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Shad Valley as an EC?

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Ok I promised I wouldn't spam this forum with more Queen's PSE questions... but I guess I lied.

My friend discovered my identity on this forum... and she can't be bothered to make an account -.- so she's wondering if Shad Valley could count as an EC for Queen's and Waterloo's supplementary application. She, unlike me, has a ton of awesome ECs anyway, but she wants to talk about this one in her PSE.

I'm not really that familiar with Shad... I mean I've looked at the brochures but I've never actually done it. (Sorry if that makes me sound ignorant...) But does anyone have an answer?? From what she said, it sounds pretty amazing, but I don't want to give her a wrong answer or anything.

EDIT: never mind, she just handed in her PSE. And I still need to do mine!
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