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Shad Valley. Worth it or not?

A photo of thenerdyfairy thenerdyfairy
Okay so, one of my friends went to Shad Valley and she said it was amazing. I looked at the website and OMG the costs are really really high. Is it worth it to go? I know it looks good on a resume and university applications, etc, but it's expensive. So I want to know, what do you really do there? And if you get offered an internship, do you get paid? Also, is it really ard ot get in?
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A photo of frozenyogurt frozenyogurt
Definitely worth it! & depends on the internship, but most are paid, so you could pretty much earn back the money you spent to go to Shad. Not to mention its also pretty impressive to have Shad on your ECs list. And it's not hard to get in, 50% of applicants get in. Last year about 1000 people applied and 500 got in.
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A photo of kyleigh711 kyleigh711
It's definitely worth it! Even if money might be an issue it doesn't hurt to apply. They do give out some scholarships to outstanding applicants, as well as bursaries, which are based entirely on financial need. It's pretty likely you'll qualify for a bursary, but if not they give suggestions for how to fund-raise. Remember that running the program costs about $6000 per student, so the amount you pay has actually been reduced quite a lot by sponsors.

If you like science, engineering, or business you will probably have a great time. It's hard to describe what exactly you do when you're there but I guarantee you'll make some great friends and probably learn a lot in the process.
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A photo of thenerdyfairy thenerdyfairy
So which campus did you guys stay at?
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