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Shad Valley?

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So I realize that by this point, the chances of me being able to get in is pretty slim.

Not to mention the fact that going to Shad puts my August ARCT exams in jeopardy.

But the thing is that I really want to at least TRY. Shad sounds like an amazingly fun opportunity that I would love to go to. But with exams approaching and everything, it's not exactly in my best interests to put my efforts into the huge application package that they're asking for, for a program that I might not get into/can't go to.

So what do you guys think? Do you think it's worth me applying? What is the acceptance rate for Shad? How will sending in a late application affect me?

And for those of you who's been to Shad, what benefits do you think I can reap from this program?

Thanks lots gaise :)
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