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Sheridan Art programs

A photo of Jody93 Jody93
I took a year off and went back to high school to prepare for sheridan and ryerson mostly. But just out of curiosity, who is applying to sheridan for their animation, media arts, or illustration program and how long have you been preparing for the due date? In addition to this question, who is in art fundamentals trying to get into these highly competitive programs? :)
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A photo of napinhei napinhei
I'm not in those particular programs, but I was in an art program at Sheridan up until the end of the fall semester this year. Though I was not in those programs, I have friends who are. Media arts is nowhere near as competitive, though it is a lot more competitive at Sheridan than it is at most other places. If you have solid grades, I'm certain you will get in.

As for animation and illustration, those are a different story. Those are the two most sought after programs at the school. Thousands upon thousands apply to those at Sheridan. I literally know like, one or two people in those programs. Everyone else I know applied, but didn't get in. And I've seen their work, it is amazing. So everyone else was put in art fundamentals. Art fundies students, I think, make up probably over half of the Trafalgar campus on their own. And no, being in art fundamentals does not guarantee you a spot in animation or illustration the following year, though it does give you an edge over most. Like I said, though, I know people who completed the fundies and still did not get in.

I know people who took a year or more when putting together their portfolios. Of course, that doesn't mean that people who prep that long have a greater or worse chance than you. It truly comes down to skill, but you asked so I'm letting you know.

I don't mean to bring you down, but from being at Sheridan, I want you to realise that it is an incredibly competitive place. I didn't get into my first choice program there, and I regret not going elsewhere for what I did want. That's why I'm not enrolled there anymore. I'm changing programs! But in any case, good luck!
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