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Should i apply to Laurier?

A photo of jfortaleza jfortaleza
Hey guys, i was just wondering what your opinions were about Wilfrid Laurier University. Is it worth my while to apply there? i have about an 84-86 average.

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A photo of Toronto12 Toronto12
Are you applying to their Business Admin Co-op or Double Degrees.
If so, I think you should apply because they have supplementry forms
which can boost your chance of being accepted. If I were you, I would
choose the Double Degree instead of just the single degree Business
Admins (Averages are actually about the same). Anyways you'll need at least
87-88%, so make sure you fill in that supplementary form to compensate for
that 2-4%. Good luck!
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A photo of Doorhandle Doorhandle
I am currently attending Laurier, and I can tell you that it's a great school. I am transferring out, but that is just because it does not fit me personally. If you are social and like to do everything on campus and hang out with people, you'll have a great time here. I have a hard time finding scientifically focused people, but obviously that is because this isnt a science school. There are lots of great clubs and volunteer programs and the campus really is very nice, I definitely recommend applying here.
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A photo of LaurierPoliComm LaurierPoliComm
Laurier is definitely not a school for everyone. It mainly fits the extroverted and super active/service oriented students you see in your high school. If you plan on staying in res and studying with your door closed, this is probably not the school for you. I personally love this school, and it was my last option on OUAC (accepted to Mac, UW, and Brock). We also take pride in our high volunteerism rate (over 90%), and we strive to have well rounded students, socially and academically. I have a love/hate relationship with our campus. I love that it's small(cross campus walk takes 10 minutes), and it's incredibly safe. Adversely, the small population means that everyone is basically in each other's business and there's not a whole lot to do on campus between class. Laurier is definitely focussed on the School of Business and Economics, and grad programs with the building of the GIE (2014) and The School of International Affairs (2011). It's trying to make itself more attractive to grad school applicants and 'academic' students (with a lot of success).

We do have a ton of clubs, groups, councils, and Greek life. If getting involved is your thing, there is plenty to get involved with. Being social is just as important to Laurier students as academics. While Greek life isn't a huge deal on campus, it personally had a role in choosing post-secondary institutions.
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