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Should i be in ryerson residence?

A photo of jessicax0x32 jessicax0x32
It it worth it?
i mean i hear its a commuter school, but im not very social/outgoing so that's kinda why i want to stay in rez that way i have to socialize.
do a lot of people stay in rez?
better social life?
and i live around 60 minutes away (not including traffic etc)
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A photo of ktel ktel
60 minutes NOT including traffic??? Are you willing to spend 3 hours every day commuting? I would stay in rez if I were you
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A photo of EricArzoo EricArzoo
If you and your family has the money to pay for rez, I would.

I am fortunate enough that my family can support me during university. I live around an hour away and that would probably include traffic and I will be staying on rez. It was mainly my dads idea for me to stay on rez lol. He said he wanted me to have fun and get a degree/have the full university experience.

Hope that helped.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
Let's not forget the financial costs of commuting. 60 minutes without traffic probably means this person lives ~100km from Ryerson. For me, that would mean ~10L of gas, and I have a pretty fuel efficient car. That's $13 of gas each way at current gas prices, and it would be more with traffic or with a not so fuel efficient car. We're talking like $30 in gas a day x 5 days/week = $150/week in gas. That's ~$600/month x 8 months = $4800. Not to mention the depreciated value of the car and needed repairs with all the added clicks. Add in the stress of commuting at least 3 hours a day, and it is just not worth it.
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A photo of sllencer sllencer
I've met people at Ryerson who lives FAR, they take the GO train every single fricken day and they all hate it. Seriously, it's hard enough to get up during winter and be there ON TiME at 8 am( yes some classes start at 8 in the morning, dunno who's brilliant idea that was), if you gotta add that commute... you're going to school outta gas (as in you, your body, not ur car lol). I say live at rez
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A photo of dannibear dannibear
Move into rez because, frankly, it will be a great time in your life...and if you are shy you will be able to meet a lot of people living on campus. Some of your greatest memories will happen there and you will meet friends who will remain close with you throughout life.
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