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Should I consider applying to Con.Ed?

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I really want to get into Concurrent Education, specifically in University of Toronto Mississauga, UOIT and/or York University. I'm planning to teach in Sciences and my marks, unfortunately, are around low to mid 80's.

I've researched quite a lot about the three universities I am wishing to apply that I mentioned above and I'm hoping to get into one of them.

My first choice is UofT, then York and then UOIT.

Do you think there's any chance for me to get accepted by the Universities with my grade?

and what I really wish to be answered is that, for York University, in their online application, they ask to specify your experiences related to teaching. However, I've recently thought of getting into teaching and I haven't really thought, beforehand, of any activities that I would've done in order to meet their requirements. What kind of experiences do they specifically require from their applicant? What kind of volunteering should I do for the next three months that will be able to compensate for their requirements?

Thank you for answering, in advance!
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I don't know much about what grades are considered acceptable at those schools, but I'm pretty sure none of them require a 90% average or anything like that. Queen's is the only Con.Ed program in Ontario that needs marks that high as far as I know.

As for your experiences for York, it really doesn't matter - all experiences can be relevant to teaching. Remember that all faculties of education want a good variety of students - the classroom wouldn't be very dynamic if all teachers were carbon copies of the same person. For you to have decided that you're interested in a career in education, there must have been certain experiences that have provoked your interest in the career. Talk about these - if they are significant to you, then just think of a way to verbalize this connection with the profession and you'll get in for sure (provided your grades are within the range they're looking for). Too many people sell themselves short trying too hard to get relevant experience, but don't realize that everyone has the same things (student council, day camps, elementary school co-op placement, etc.); these are good experiences still, but must be considered in addition to something that really brings out your personality and reason for being in the job.
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A photo of aireesh aireesh
Thank you! I was really worried about trying to get teaching-related experiences, because I thought that they wanted really specific ones. I'll make sure I mention the volunteer experiences I have and connecting them with the profession. Thanks for your help! I'll try my best to keep up with my marks. It's kinda tight for me right now. Gotta work hard! :)
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