yconic - Should I do SHSM (co-op) in the summer and eclass advanced functions too? Anyone? Help!
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Should I do SHSM (co-op) in the summer and eclass advanced functions too? Anyone? Help!

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I currently have a 74% in MCR3U (I know, terrible.. :(), and I want to take co-op in the summer as a nurse in the field of healthcare (even though I don't think I'm going to be in the healthcare field, I'm still undecided). My plans for post-secondary is to apply for UofT's Life Science/Chemical Engineering, Ryerson's Chemistry/Chemistry Engineering, and UofTS's Life Science. Additionally, if it's possible for me to catch up I'm planning to take advanced functions on e-class.

I'm in grade 11 and taking three sciences: Chem, Physics, and Bio), MCR3U, World Religions (mandatory), grade 12 English and band. I go to a non-semestered school and extremely behind by 3 units and I don't know if I can even summer school co-op because if I'm still behind by June, I have to take summer school at my school to finish.

Anyway, is it advisable to e-class advanced functions? One of my grade 12 friends said for her it's the same system as the school we go-- except we have to search for Youtube videos a lot to gain the concepts. She's similar to me-- not very good in Math and she got a decent mark for eclass that she is happy with. Help?
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