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Should I drop a course before the deadline in first year??

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I have a 3.8 gpa currently in first year. Struggling in one course though microeconomics-getting around a 60. Goal is law school. Should I drop it? 4 courses a term with all A's and B's would probably look better than have a course with a D. The tests seem to be all calculations which I'm not good at.
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Definitely drop it.
I had a similar experience in my first year, and I agonized over whether to drop the course, because I had already put in a lot of work, paid the fees, etc.
But I dropped it, and I never regretted it for a second.
If you have really good grades, you will probably kick yourself for a long time if you let a D show up on your transcript. And like you said, it's better to do really well in four courses than take five courses and get a D.
Hope this helps!
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Drop it unless the law schools you're applying to mandate a full course load (ie. 5 courses/sem or 4 and then 6 courses/sem).
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