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Should I drop Data and take it online? (Virtual High School)

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Hey guys, so I have Data Management this semester. It's the only 4U math that I can take and I need it for all the programs I applied to. So long story short, I basically have the WORST teacher for Data. She is SO bad, I had her before and after 1 month I was doing so bad I had to drop.. never done so bad in a course before.

I'm not THAT bad in Math but this teacher pretty much screws everyone over, everyone is switching out of her class. She doesn't had anything out but she uploads it online and expects everyone to print it and bring it to class..tomorrow is only the second day and I already had to print 10 pages.

I am thinking of dropping Data and taking it online. I am already taking World Issues online (to help boost my average) so I was thinking of taking it through Virtual High School. Virtual High School is an accredited online private school which grants credits. Each course takes 110 hours to complete but you do it at your own pace (I'll have a lot of free time after dropping Data so I can probably finish it by mid-April). It costs 500$ (which I already have).

Should I do drop Data in day school and take it in Virtual High School? Because I don't want to waste an entire semester with this teacher and end up getting a crappy grade, or even worse, failing. I want to go to University in September.

I plan on majoring in Management.

Please help!
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What reservations do you have about taking the course online?

If your teacher isn't teaching, I don't know how online school would really be that much better. Not sure about your course, but when I one something online, it was basically self-taught...

And well, teachers do get limited photocopies. I almost never get handouts in math class.
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