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Should I drop ICS4U?

A photo of Voltex Voltex
I have a slight problem here. Basically, I would like to drop a high school course (ICS4U) because of a low mark (getting a 51 right now), lack of interest and a bad teacher (he's new), so I guess I would like some advice on if I should drop the course or not.

Here's my timetable for Grade 12:

Semester 1:

ICS4U (will become a SPARE if I drop it)

Semester 2:


I plan on going into business, and from my understanding ICS4U isn't really required for any university programs, nor is it beneficial (correct me if I'm wrong please), so should I drop it? Will I be considered a part-time student if I drop it (I heard something about becoming a part-time student if you have 2 spares)? I talked to my guidance counsellor about dropping this course, and she said that it will not appear on record if I drop the course now. Is she right? Will universities know that I dropped it and will it hurt my chances of being accepted into a university program?
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A photo of KingKhan KingKhan
Your guidance counsellor is correct, dropping this course won't hurt your chances at university at all, and they won't be able to see that you dropped it as long as you drop it before midterms.

Taking 2 spares does not make you a part time student as you still have 6 courses, having less than 6 courses is what makes you a part time student.
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A photo of alirezatr alirezatr
Keep in mind that dropping that course, your top 6 will be all your courses so you would have to make sure not to mess up in any of them. To be safe, I would try transferring to a bird course in second semester. But if you have no interest in ICS and finding it time-consuming, then drop it and make sure to focus more on your other courses.
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A photo of Voltex Voltex
Thanks for the responses guys! For some reason, I'm still a little hesitant about dropping it. So, if I drop it right now, on my record it will look like I never took the course at all right? So basically the 51 that I got is like gone, like it never happened right? Will universities look down upon students who only take 6 courses? Oh and do you guys think those 6 courses are okay for being my top 6 when I apply for university programs?
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A photo of jelly jelly
Pretty sure part time students are only if you have two spares in one semester. And yes, it doesn't show up on your transcript as long as you drop it before a designated date (somewhere around midterm). Universities don't care how many courses you took, you could've taken 12 and they wouldn't care. All that matters is your top 6, and seeing that your electives are business courses, you should be fine. None of them are really known for difficulty, with the possible exception of accounting...
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous

@Voltex wrote
Will universities look down upon students who only take 6 courses?

They don't look down on students who only take 6 grade 12 courses, but some universities (like Waterloo) give you extra "points" for having taken more than 6.
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