yconic - Should I drop this grade 12 U course??????
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Should I drop this grade 12 U course??????

A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
I want to drop West and the World History so badly. I had my first test and I'm pretty sure I failed that miserably. This semester I have Law (U), Philosophy (U), World Issues (U), and World History (U) which I want to drop.

Next semester I have Challenge and change (M), English (U), Individuals and Famillies (M) and Data management (U). So if I drop History I will have 5 U courses and 2 M course, this is enough right?? Is 2 M's too many?

Im applying for York's BSW program, do I need that history, I don't want that mark to bring down my average.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
It's fine to have 5 U and 2 M courses. Although I should say if you drop history then your schedule would be comprised entirely of bird courses...
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A photo of ZetaShift ZetaShift
Yup. Loads of bird courses in this thread. I'd probably drop it if I were you, since you'll do far better in your other courses with the extra time.
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
i'd drop it as well.
5Us and 2Ms are fine, i think only queens says specially that you cannot have 2M courses from any discipline (arts, business, science etc.)
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A photo of EdwardxHo EdwardxHo
Don't drop it. :bom:
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A photo of louiseaimee louiseaimee
Most universities consider M courses to be U courses. I had no trouble getting in with my M courses. Do what feels right for you. :)
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