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Should I reconsider my answers for the University of Waterloo AIF?

A photo of napinhei napinhei
I’ve applied to the University of Waterloo for entry into Honours Arts with an interest in English. As part of my application, I am filling out the Admission Information Form. I’m struggling with this quite a bit because there is a very strict character limitation on the answers.

One of the fields is not a question, but a place for me to elaborate and give some information on the Extracurricular Activities that I have listed in a chart that they provided. There is a character limit of 300. I wanted to elaborate on most of the things in the table, but I found this to be impossible since 300 characters has been just three sentences.

Since I only have room for elaborating on one point, I chose to explain about my participation in online RPG writing. I thought this was best since it was likely to be an activity with the least likelihood of being something an admissions person would have prior knowledge of. Despite it being unlikely for them to know what it is, I wanted to include it in the chart since it demonstrates that I enjoy writing for pleasure in my spare time.

Is it silly for me to include a 300 character description of what RPG writing is? It seemed relevant because it shows my interest in English. Should I change it and elaborate on some volunteering or leadership things that I’ve been involved with instead?
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A photo of erudite erudite
Yeah go change it. If it's a hobby, it doesn't count as an EC.
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A photo of Fatima94 Fatima94
Yeah, I definitely agree with the person above.
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A photo of napinhei napinhei
I know a hobby isn't an extracurricular activity; I'm not an idiot. That being said, it doesn't change that the extracurriculars chart in Waterloo's AIF includes hobbies. The question reads:

"Question 2

Extracurricular Activities

Please list [in the chart below] any extracurricular activities or areas of significant interest. These could include leadership or participation in school organizations or projects, athletics, travel, community, social activities, drama, music, clubs, personal hobbies and/or significant volunteer work."

So clearly, my idea to include my hobby of RPG writing isn't my lack of knowledge as to what constitutes an 'extracurricular'. Does this change your opinions?
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