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Should I Redo Grade 10 Science (SNC2D)?

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Hey, guys so this year I stopped caring about school and mainly science is bringing me down. I am just ending the second semester and I am thinking of redoing science since the grades is pretty low. I know it might be pointless and a waste of time for Canadian universities but I know US colleges look at GPA from grades 9-12 and I do not want to bring my overall GPA down from this. Here are my first-semester grades approaching exams:

Grade 10 First Semester:

Science: 76%
English: 92% 
Religion: 85%
French: 87%

Now I have space in my second semester since I took summer school for Civics and Careers so I can either do Grade 10 Science again instead of the Grade 11 Biology I was thinking of doing, or I can do an online course through ILC.org possibly? (I would have to talk to my guidance counselor about that and I would have to pay 40 bucks for it. Off topic, but have you guys ever done an ILC course? How was it? Anyways, what do you guys think of my plan? Appreciate any help!
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My suggestion would be no. Depend on your teacher and your school, grade 11 bio doesn't really relate to grade 10 science sometimes, it's not necessary to be good at grade 10 science and this mark won't count anyway. ILC course won't make you learn anything, if you wanna earn that credit then go do it. I am taking Virtual High School and it sucks.
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Lol, no one re-dos grade 9 or 10 courses unless you failed and need the credit. The only thing you learn to do in grade 10 science is learn how to make baking soda and vinegar volcanoes. Why would you subject yourself to that again?
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If you're planning on going to a Canadian University then it would be pointless but since you're thinking of an American uni, I guess there would be no harm in re-doing it. However if you want to go into the medical field, i really think that you should not do grade 11 bio online because bio is very important and learning it in school would help you cover more material. I also know that universities like UofT and Waterloo don't prefer courses taken outside of school, so some universities in America probably don't either. Maybe you could take a course like Religion in summer school if you're career isn't based on that? I don't have any experience with taking classes online but this is just what I've heard/read. Anyways, redoing science can definitely boost your overall GPA, but try to take another course in summer school. And why can't you just take grade 11 bio in grade 11?
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