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Should I summer grade 11 University Math?

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Since my grade 11 schedule for next year is kind of messed up, I want to able to take advantage of some of the courses that I find both easy and fun to achieve a high mark. So far these are my grade 11 courses for next year:

ADA3MO(changed from Canadian law)
HSP3MO(still thinking whether I should keep this course)
PAF3OO(still thinking whether I should keep this course)

Ok, so these above are the courses I am hoping to pursue next year, however, my intention was to switch Psychology and Fitness to grade 10 dance and grade 11 dance since I heard Dance was an easy course for grade 12. Also, the reason why I should summer MCR3U0 is because I am not very strong at math but I also want to pursue math in grade 12: Calculus and Adv. Functions, and I think getting rid of it will either make room for another easy course or perhaps a spare. My last year mark for grade 10 math was 60 so I am still puzzling for what I should do for my grade 11 courses.

I really need advice at the moment so please give me your opinions as to what I should do for next year, Grade 11 below, thank you :)
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A photo of tukr tukr
I would recommend not taking functions in summer school, because the material is so condensed and fast-paced and you definitely need the knowledge in gr 12 advanced functions - if math isn't your strongest point, definitely don't. Especially if you also want to do calculus, because that builds on adv. functions. But if functions doesn't turn out to be your thing, try data man! (I have a friend who got a 78 in adv. functions but a 96 in data. Not because the class was easier, it was just easier for him).

As for dance - only take it if you like it, because even easy courses will be awful if you don't like them! (exactly what I'm feeling in 4U french!) And make sure it's an M not open course in grade 12. Maybe consider taking something like exercise science (PSE 4U) in gr 12 if your school offers it, that's a pretty easy course at some schools (like mine). You also don't need any additional prereqs for it. :) Hope that helps!
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A photo of terryaki26 terryaki26
NO! Do not take functions in summer school!
There's a pretty big jump from grade 10 to grade 11 math (that's the way I felt and most people do) and I went from a 98 in grade 10 math to a 93 in grade 11. It would have been a 92 if I didn't do as well as I did on the final exam.
And as tukr said, AF builds on functions and AF is the prereq for Calc so you'd be screwing yourself over by taking grade 11 functions in summer school.
I thought about taking MCR3U in summer school as well, but my super smart friend who had already taken it really advised against it and other grade 11s and 12s I knew.

If you want an easy grade 11 course, take Media Studies (don't remember the course code off the top of my head sorry) - I have a friend taking it and her homework was to watch the first 3 Harry Potter movies lol. But it's open level so I don't know how you feel about that. Or take Travel and Tourism - that should be pretty easy too!

I'm taking HSP3M1 right now and it's pretty easy if you're good with memorizing (definitions, ideas, the like).

Personally I wouldn't take dance even if it had a rep of being "easy" because I'm a terrible dancer lol. Take it if you like dancing; otherwise, I think it would be a waste of your time!

Best of luck! :D
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