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should i take english online ?

A photo of mugeniscute mugeniscute
i am applying to
U of T
University of Guelph-Humber
and York

i received a 90 in 11 University English in Summer school
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If you plan on doing a degree where there will be a lot of esaay writing, I would advise against it. I think that English is much more effectively taught in day school because of the actual time with the teacher. When I took virtual school, I had a hard time getting a hold of the teacher.

Plus you took grade 11 english in summer school. No matter what anyone says, you don't have enough time to really develop your skills in what is essentially a crash course.
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I strongly advise you against it no matter what you're going in to. I took it in the summer and not only was it a waste, but it screwed me over so much. The teacher did not end up receiving my final task in which I had to discuss it with him at the exam. He told me to send it to him as soon as I get home and that he won't put late marks on it. Meanwhile, I'm sending it as soon as I get home and I had a plane to catch in 5 hours. He ended up screwing my marks up on that final essay and I had received a 56 as my final GRADE 12 mark. To make matters worse, I couldn't complain to him on the next day when you're suppose to check your marks because I was out of the country.

I personally just had a bad experience, but I know people who have done excellent in that class. Here's the catch: despite their high marks, all of the people I have spoken to did not learn anything coming out of that course including myself. I'm shocked to hear how much my friends have learned in a matter of two weeks this semester vs. me being in the course for an entire month.

Really, it's all up to you. Either you suck it up and work hard by taking the course during the regular school year/semester and getting a lot out of it or take the easy way out and pay for it later.

PS - Yes, I do have to retake the course at school. Wonderful, isn't it?
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