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Should I take MA170?

A photo of prefontaine prefontaine
I'm currently debating between going into accounting or finance. Would taking MA170 better prepare me for a career in finance/the 4th year finance courses? If I did not take it would I be at a big disadvantage?

Also does anyone have any idea as to how hard it is? I'm currently just registered for MA129 and am OK at calculus. I also need to maintain a 10.5 GPA to keep my scholarship. Would MA 170 pull down my average if I am not that amazing at math?

Any personal experiences with it would especially be appreciated!

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A photo of g93 g93
Some people find MA170 insanely hard (vincerz). Others find it fairly easy.

MA170 is really only good to get a basis on financial math. It can't be used as a prerequisite though.

If you want to do financial math, you will need to take MA103 or 110 instead of 129. You will be doing heavier calc/math to get there. MA170 doesn't get you there but it will be good to learn.

If financial math interests you, go for it. If not, don't bother.
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A photo of prefontaine prefontaine
Thanks for the reply! Anyone else have any experience with it?
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I've heard MA170 is a little bit helpful for 3rd year finance...But I want to emphasize a little....If you take it you may be a bit more prepared, but by not taking it it shouldn't affect your 3rd year finance marks.

I'm debating on whether or not to take it as well. I'm leaning towards dropping it though.
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