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Should I transfer to McMaster?

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Hey! I just got accepted to McMaster for Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Program. I am currently attending University of Windsor with a major in EE. I don't know if I should transfer or not. I really like the program in McMaster but won't it be a waste of time since I already finished a year in Windsor. Also, Windsor is giving me a lot of money for scholarships whereas, in McMaster, I wont have any. I am in President's list in Windsor. I don't know what will happen to me in Mac. I'm scared but that's the program I want. Please help me decide. Thank you.
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I live in Windsor so I hear a lot about the university here. It is up to you, if you really like McMaster you should go for it, because you may regret it in the future, saying that I do believe that the engineering program in windsor is pretty good since they are currently building the new building for engineering students which cost more than $200 million to build. I hear a lot about Windsor being ranked in the middle in terms of universities in Ontario so they are not recognized as well as other schools. If you really want to go to McMaster you should check to see how many of the credits can be transferred into their program because you may not know how many of these credits they will recognize basically wasting a year of tuition money.
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