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Should I Try?

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I'm planning which scholarships I should apply for next year (I'm in 11th grade right now), and I'm wondering if I should even bother to apply for the big ones, considering my following ECs and marks? (Loran, TD, et cetera)? I find them extremely daunting, and my family's not _that_ supportive in the first place, either, so I'm nervous even thinking about trying for them...

Extra Curriculars:

- Tzu Chi Foundation Teacher Assistant (on going)
- Junior Achievement Company (on going; aiming for President/Vice President)
- School Magazine President and Founder (on-going) *
- Challenge Program Organizer / President (on-going) **
- Library Club volunteer (~4 years)
- Spartans of Society / Interact Rotary Club participant
- BCIC Mashup Competition participant (on-going)
- Student Council participant
- Peer Tutor (on-going)

* We're using our school magazine to promote causes, such as environmental sustainability, anti-bullying, and raise awareness to local community events and much more... We also train other students to write, edit, and design effectively. We are currently planning school events (Earth Day, Pink Day, fundraising, campaigns, etc.), contests, and hopefully expand our "mission" to other schools and to the local community. (This hasn't happened yet, but it's in our plans to do so - so think long term... by end of my 12th year).

** For our challenge program, we're aiming to make an official Act of Kindness day at our school and in other schools, with school-wide events and activities. Not much has been finalized at this point, but that's our goal.

Other Activities:
- Playing Guitar (ongoing, ~3 years)
- Personal Design Company / Projects (ongoing, ~2 years)
- Digital Media "Game Mockup" project CEO/ President (final project grade: 100%)

And now my grades:

Math 12 Principles - 86% (final)
Chemistry 11 - 94% (final)
Digital Media - 90% (final)
Japanese 11 - 92% (final)
Socials 11 - 97% (final)
Physics 11 - 98% (current)
Accounting 11 - 90%- 95% (current/estimated)
English 11 - 90% (current/estimated)
Peer Tutoring - 95% - 100% (current/estimated)

So, should I try? What aspect do I need to work on? (My grades need to be pulled up a bit, I guess, plus more ECs?) I appreciate any help, advice, or suggestions. Thank you in advance. :)

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A photo of Vessi Vessi
I just looked at your marks. 98% in Physics? And all your ECs going on? You sound brilliant. I say go for the scholarships! It can't hurt to try. :)
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It is just the beginning of the term, though, so my marks might drop... but I hope not! As long as my marks is above 95% I'm happy. Math has always been more of a problem for me than social studies or sciences :<

How are my ECs though? I want to invest my time for a good cause (an organization that focuses on humanitarian relief) in the future, and have been planning for my grade 12 year to take things further; I regret having waited until last year for most of the larger projects. I'm a bit cautious whenever I start a project, so I feel I wasted quite a bit of time already. x)
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A photo of ktel ktel
You might as well try. I'm not trying to brag, but in high school I had some pretty good ECs and a high average (95%) and I didn't get any of the big name external scholarships. There's a certain element of luck. I did get a LOT of scholarship money from my university and province, however.
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@Ktel, thanks for your advice :] I'm probably going to take a stab at it and see how far I can go. It's better than regretting not having attempted in the first place, I guess.
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