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Shulich, queens, ivey..lets be honest

A photo of Business1234 Business1234
my preference...ivey or queens....

i was wondering if its worth applying to shulich...i noticed the tuition is cheap...

is it like 6k?

i mean, come on, its an undergraduate, is it worth going to shulich vs ivey..in the end?

is shulich that bad as the forums seem to portraying it?
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A photo of g93 g93
Schulich seems to be spoken of quite highly here, except for a few people/trolls.
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
From talking to my friend's brother and his friends, their major regret in choosing Schulich is that it feels like high school all over again for them as they do not live on campus. They are not fond of the excessive asian presence either:p Their advise to me: Do not bother about the difference in tuition; your priority should be your university experience.
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@firefox390 wrote
If you're tired of Toronto then you should apply elsewhere. I'm considering that choice right now despite the respect I have for Schulich. On the other hand, tuition is somewhat a concern for me for Queen's.

What's tuition like this year for Queens? Last time I checked, it was around $12000/year, right?

I also agree that if you're tired of Toronto, do not hesitate to travel somewhere else. From what I've heard at least, res life is amazing.
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A photo of lmao lmao
Yeah, Queen's tuition is around 12-13~K + residence is about the same.

I don't think Schulich is portrayed as 'bad' on this forum. I think it's just that a lot of people that go into business are now going more into finance because they are seeing the possibility of making more money, like i-bankers, hedge fund managers and etc..

And for these professions, the top programs would probably be Ivey and Queen's in Canada but not Schulich. The majority of the Ivey and Queen's students are going into finance so they just bash Schulich because they know it's not good for finance (which is true).

Its been said that Schulich is amazing for accounting.. because the "Big 4" accounting firms go there, but those firms go Queen's and Ivey too? So what's the point? It's not like it has a co-op program either like Waterloo? Also I heard its curriculum is extremely hard.. so you would have to work really hard for a 3.5+ GPA to attract recruiters. Also.. the student life would suck because most people commute to York. You're going to be young only for a few more years until you turn like 25, might as well enjoy it now until you are stuck to a spouse for like 4 decades.

The only pro that I can personally see is the cheap tuition for someone wanting to pursue an accounting designation. That's just my opinion.
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A photo of echan59100 echan59100
Queens is my dream business school, but I'm not quite sure I can afford it :( It's really weird how the tuition for business is the most expensive, but not science.. or any other faculties. I guess there are more activities avaiable.. I hope to get scholarships! If not... I've read about Queens' financial aid program, it's wonderful! But aside from all this, I still want to know more about this beautiful university :compress:
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A photo of Socialism Socialism
My top 2 are Schulich, and Queen's.

I know a lot more people at Schulich than I do at Queen's, but I've heard good stories from both. Queen's is great if you want to get out of Toronto, and live a campus lifestyle. Schulich is great if you want to save your money, and spend time in the city. It's a commuter school, yes, but that doesn't mean you still can't have fun. There are interesting people to meet at both Schulich and Queen's, and the education is just as good.

The thing that always gets to me though is how people whine about campus life. It's university, get your priorities straight. You're not there to party, you're there to pursue a great education so you can establish yourself. That doesn't mean you need to study 24/7 and have no social life, it just means to know your place. Don't let campus life be a big push factor in your university choice. Having fun doesn't necessarily mean living on campus. There is plenty of fun to be had in Toronto with the right people ;)

When you enter the higher tier universities, it depends more on the individual student rather than which university you went to. Balance your social life with education, and you'll be fine. Most importantly, get involved, meet people, and find opportunities.

If we both choose to go to Schulich, I hope to meet you there.
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A photo of NumberOne NumberOne
Is it just me or does Queen's Commerce seem like the hardest program to get into?

Out of basically everyone I've spoken to, Queen's is either their top choice or they were nominated for Chancellor's (which basically guarantees their acceptance).

Getting into Queen's this year isn't going to be easy for anyone imo.
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A photo of maddie_271 maddie_271
I don't know about you guys but I can't wait to go to McMaster next year for commerce! Although their enterance scores aren't as high, their exit scores on the standardized test are much higher than other universities including queens. They are a very innovative program with lots of options and it's by far my first choice. I also applied to laurier for a BBA and queens for Bcomm
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