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Simon Fraser Campus, surroundings, social scene and buidlings

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Drop everything you know about this school please
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I'll assume you're talking about the Burnaby campus. I applied to SFU and toured it last summer. I found the campus pretty depressing (it's much worse in the winter) for the most part. Lots of people say it reminds them of a prison because the majority of the buildings are just grey concrete slabs. The surroundings are nice (it's on a mountain, so you have a view), but it does feel isolated, and most people commute. I know about four students there and I can't say any of them are thrilled on their decision to go there. But SFU does have some good programs and you might get a different impression of it.
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SFU is just... meh. There's no community feel and the campus is boring. They do have decent programs and it's easier to commute to if you're from the eastern Lower Mainland. That's part of the reason why many go to SFU instead of UBC (UBC's commute from Delta/Surrey is long long long).

I hate to say this but SFU does have a lot of kids who were rejected by UBC.... SFU is usually a back-up to UBC engineering/business.
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