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Simon Fraser University CompSci. (Applied Science)

A photo of wassapb6 wassapb6
In your opinion, what are my chances in getting into applied science (compsci) in simon fraser with an 87% average? The thing is I already got accepted in the arts department (econmics-social science) but now I want to change programs. I want to decline the offer and go to compsci which means I can't use economics for second choice right? Should I take the risk? i really prefer compsci now. thanks for answering!
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A photo of Hug Hug
87% is not that bad for sfu
I think u will definitely have a chance to get in
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A photo of theboydetective theboydetective
Yeah, I got accepted to the arts department like, a week after applying, but I'm waiting to see if I get accepted to the ZhejiangU-SFU dual degree program. I think if I get rejected from the two other universities whose arts departments I've applied to (and which I'd rather attend than SFU), I'd do compsci at SFU instead, primarily because of the opportunity do study in Zhejiang.
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
I'm curious, which universities?

You're probably good for CompSci.
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