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SIN in scholarships

A photo of thebrain786 thebrain786
I've found some scholarships that ask me for my SIN and I don't want to give it out. I've looked at the organizations and they look like legit scholarships, but I still don't feel comfortable, I'm just wondering what I should put on the line that asks for my SIN. It's not online.
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A photo of Kareemy Kareemy
Have you tried contacting them to find out? Every scholarship should have a contact who you can ask questions - that does seem weird!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
The question has been asked before, and generally, NO, you shouldn't have to put your SIN. The only time I could see any organization needing it is if you're applying for a government scholarship and they're checking your annual income statements to ensure you're eligible. No private organization should need your SIN, and like said above, I would call them and specifically ask why they need your SIN.
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