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Single vs. Double Rooms

A photo of jennyroy jennyroy
Hey so I'm pretty sure I'm going to Acadia University next year and I'm having a hard time deciding whether I want to sign up for a single or double room.
I've been told not to room with a good friend because you'll end up getting on each others nerves.. But I'm also scared that if I get a double room not knowing my roommate before hand, it could end badly..

Does anyone have personal experiences they want to share about single / double rooms?
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A photo of mellaniedoode mellaniedoode
Living with a friend, isn't something I would suggest.
it is hard to maintain a friendship with someone you are with 24/7 before college, and 24/7 during.
Single rooms, are lonely. In a double room you have someone to talk to, and someone who you can bounce questions off of (if you are in the same course)
schools base who your roommate is off a questionnaire you fill out and you also have the opportunity to e-mail the person before you move in which lets you guys talk about ground rules and other such things. Like I told my roommate, there is no way she can touch my hair straightener. lol)
I would suggest double, just for the lonely-ness factor.
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A photo of Entropy Entropy
But if your floor is a community/close, then having a single can be great - because its not really lonely, you may only want to be there when you're working, and hanging out on your floor when you're not.
I only know a few people this year who are actually friends with their roommates. Most are pretty neutral - they are friendly, but not friends. One or two are no longer speaking to their roommates ;)
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A photo of DOV94 DOV94
I suppose the "rooming with your friend is bad" thing makes sense. Sure, you may love your friends, but could you actually live with them?
But anyway, I guess go with a double room because it's less lonely. You have someone you can chat with, crack jokes with, yaddy yaddy yadda. But then again, if you're not really a "social butterfly", go with a single room.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
I would suggest living with a friend, but if - and only if - you know what his or her living habits are like. You're friends because you have mutual interests, which is a great start to being good roommates, but to actually be a good roommate pair you also need to have mutual living habits. e.g. will this person be in the same classes as you (as in, will you have similar schedules)? As a corollary, does this person have the same sleeping habits as you? Is he or she an early riser or someone who likes to sleep in? Is he or she a partier? Is he or she a neat-freak or a slob? Does he or she like blaring loud music? Does he or she study a lot or barely at all? Most importantly, is he or she courteous? A courteous, reasonable person would be very hard to hate as a roommate.
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A photo of missaudacious009 missaudacious009
I would suggest going for a single room for first year, until you get to know people at the university. Even a really good friend might not be "living-compatible", you know? Then you can see if they are messy, etc. when they are in their own rooms first
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