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Skipping ICS3U and taking ICS 4U

A photo of Vort3x Vort3x
hey guys, this is my first post on this forum.

i am a grade 12 student and I am heading into my final semester of high school soon. I am planning on going into engineering (mechanical) but i have neglected to take computer science last year. However, looking ahead, it seems like i have made a mistake...I just want to know the level of difficulty of the grade 11 comp sci course with respect to the grade 12 course. in my school, we are allowed to skip grade 11 pre-requisites if our grades are high enough. i was thinking about just taking grade 12 comp sci because i can but i don't want to take it if i am gonna fail at it :S any advice?
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour
I haven't taken ICS4U, only ICS3U, but neither are necessary for mechanical engineering in that they are not pre-requisites. If you do want to take ICS4U, I don't know what the difficulty is like but I suggest you learn the basics of whatever programming language you learn at your school (for me, Java), and be strong in that before beginning the course.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
They may not be prerequisites, but almost everyone I know told me to take at least one programming course in high school so I decided to take both 3U1 and 4U1. I'm taking 3U1 right now, and trust me it's very easy. I can't imagine 4U1 being that much harder. BUT, what you should do is you should ask the teacher (we only have one ICS teacher) that teaches 4U1 and ask him/her if it's plausible to skip 3U1 and still understand 4U1 material. imho, I think 3U1 is not all that important in learning 4U1, because in our school we use different languages. There are CERTAIN principles/fundamentals of programming that carry over, but everything else should be taught from scratch, so skipping 3U1 shouldn't hurt you TOO bad.
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A photo of jelly jelly
ICS3U is a pre-requisite for ICS4U at my school, and I think for very good reason. It would be incredibly difficult to do well/understand ICS4U without prior knowledge. In ICS3U, we learned basics, if statements, looping, arrays, file reading/writing, and in ICS4U we're learning object oriented programming, networking, animating, and a bunch of other stuff I can't really remember. Both courses are taught in Java at my school. Hell, our first week back we received an assignment to create an RPG in a week or so... would be very difficult if you didn't learn basics.

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A photo of cm0011 cm0011
I took ICS3U1 and am now finishing my semester of ICS4U1. Just from experience, atleast in my school, that it would be a little tough. For us, we are allowed to skip ICS2U1, which I did, because I did not have the space to take it in Grade 10. However, for us, ICS3U1 is a prereq fro ICS4U1. In Grade 11 you learn the basics, such as strings, threads, loops, arrays, statements, etc. In Grade 12, you go on to learn stuff that is compounded on the basics. Our school does Java in these courses. I mean, depending on your school, you might be able to get away without taking ICS3U1, but at my school, you'd struggle. ALOT.
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A photo of Vort3x Vort3x
thanks for the feedback, guys! i'm still contemplating on what to do at the moment. I'll speak to the comp sci teacher and hear out his opinion. some guy from my school took gr. 12 comp sci without taking grade 11 comp sci and i think he did fine so that's where i got the idea from. it's just that i don't want to enter engineering without any background in programming because i think it is an essential skill to have.
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