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Smaller, tight knit universities? Also reviews on other Universities...

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I want to hear about some smaller universities... just wondering what some are.

ALSO, I want to hear all of your thoughts,opinions and experiences with these universities:

U of Calgary

thanks y'all :)
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A photo of ktel ktel
I went to the U of A for mechanical engineering. It's not small. What do you want to know?
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A photo of LaurierPoliComm LaurierPoliComm
You want small, close-knit, but then you have Queen's in your list. True small universities are like Bishop's, UNBC, most out east, and Laurier.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
The two questions had no relation, I wasnt suggesting those uni's on the list were small.

I was just wondering anything really... school spirit, social scene, how much does living in Edmonton suck? :P

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A photo of ktel ktel
^ Have you ever lived in Edmonton? A city is a city. I'm living in Toronto right now and I really don't find it that different. If anything I'm more bored because most of my friends and all of my family live in Edmonton. A place is about the people that live there.
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
I go to Trent. I like that I can talk about someone, and other people will mostly know who that is, especially within my program. It's a very close community and if you go out to any of the Peterborough hot spots you're guaranteed to run into someone you know.
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
depends what you mean by small, and what's too small for you. i go to york university's smaller, bilingual campus (at a totally separate location) 45 minutes away. it has only about 2500 students, so i definitely think it's one of the smallest campus' although it's not a separate univversity from York (but most people at my school often feel that it is, because we're at a completely different place).

my opinions:

well i like small places, im not a fan of huge schools, so my choice fit me perfectly :)
it depends what you like, i know some people at my school feel that it's too small and they get "a high school feel" from it, but i personally couldnt see myself being somewhere any bigger, it's the perfect size from me.

i like that i always see someone i know wherever i go (in the caf, library, walking down the halls...etc) it's definitely more intimate and since the class sizes are so small, you can actually talk to a lot of your profs, which is cool.

i find that you can get to know the majority of the sutdents since there arent tht many ;) which i think is really good for your social life etc...

if you want a small experience like that glendon might fit you, or somewhere of similar size, i believe that bishop's is around the same size? then there's schools that are slightly bigger like trent in peterborough ontario. or laurier has about 12000-15000 students i think which is a medium size i guess

i don't know where you're from but i mostly just know about ontario universities. i know that queen's has 20,000 people, which is certainly not small, but it's a highly reputable and respected school (in ontario at least)a pretty good choice i'd say :)

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