yconic - so anybody knows how hard is SAT?
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so anybody knows how hard is SAT?

A photo of jasonqw1 jasonqw1
I have heard that it is actually not difficult to get 2000....
do u guys think a 90% average in English and math in Canada is equal to a 2000 in SAT?
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A photo of uncharted1111 uncharted1111
If you're in Ontario, you'll need to do a fair bit of self-studying if you want to get above a 650 on Reading and Writing.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Quite easy. I never studied for the SATs because I did not plan to attend a US university, but I took them anyways for fun. The first time I took the SATs, I skipped a whole page of questions in the writing section by accident and got 750/800/540. I retook and got 780/800/680. A few of my high school classmates also took the SATs and they mostly scored in the 2200-2400 range. Some of them studied, some didn't.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
Lots of vocabulary to memorize, but if you read lots of books on your spare time you should be okay.
Math is pretty easy imo
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A photo of Academentia Academentia
American students study for it, and many tend to retake it twice, maybe 3 times, to get a higher score.
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A photo of Academentia Academentia
Oh if you go to collegeboard website, you can do practice questions. It will give you an idea of how hard the questions are (they use old ones).

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A photo of Cr?meGlac Cr?meGlac
It's mostly about whether or not you have a good vocabulary.
The math section isn't very difficult, it's probably grade 9/10 math.

This is coming from my friends who took it. I only did the practice questions, about 2 years ago (in grade 10), when I thought I wanted to apply to the states.
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