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so confused...

A photo of KitaKat KitaKat
So Ill be graduating this following year and Im starting to apply for collages and universities, but Im having trouble with what Im going to do I got a few options...
A) Medical Laboratory Technician (3-year waiting list 3 year course) total cost for this school is 12,000$
B) Medical Laboratory Assistant (already accepted 1 year course) total cost 13,000$! (really expensive)
or C) go to university and do forensics which I really dont want to do, might be really expensive ...

what do you think... should I go with (B) and pay more for a career that would pay as mush as the other 2?
Or go with (A) and end up being on up to a 3-year wait list :S
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A photo of OliviaWagner OliviaWagner
I think you should go for medical lab technician course. Their are a lot of opportunities pouring in this field. And this would be a better paid job also. You can try in other colleges also for this, hopefully you can find a place there. There are many colleges providing medical lab tech course at a much lower cost Only you need to decide what career you want to pursue, keeping aside all other factors.
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A photo of KitaKat KitaKat
thanks Ireally want to wait and go for the MLT course but I have a trust fund and if I dont go to school the first year chances are my dad will draw out my trust fund :(

And theres only one school that offers the MLT course in my area, would really want to move away. I might just apply for a loan and try to get a scholarship and go to the school I got accepted into :I
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