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So I hear you want to be an I-Banker

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This is to all of the high school kids who want to become investment bankers but don't really know what it entails. I suggest you read the book monkey business as well as do some research, monkey business describes how hard and grueling the life of an associate actually is. You may know some people who have had summer internships at banks and they say its not bad, but as the book explains the point of the summer internship is just to suck you in for more. If you get through the book and decide you still want to be a banker then i suggest you read Damn, It Feels Good to be a Banker. this book is the total opposite and explains the high life you will live once you break in to a BB.
Other good reads that i have herd but haven't gotten around to yet Lairs Poker, and When Genius Failed. The books make up the collective "Bankers Bible."
I'm not trying to deter you from your chosen career I'm just trying to give you all the info before you make your decision
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Awesome, thanks for the suggestion.
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Pros of Banking: Good opportunities for large profits.

Cons of Banking: Mostly Stuff/grunt work until you reach seniority(IF you survive).
Working hours are brutal.
You're not considered as a human being until VP.
Your salary will be mostly dependent on the market, if it blows up,
you're over.
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