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So, when is OSAP due? (First years)

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So I'm going into first year (at Waterloo, if that makes any difference) and I was wondering when the OSAP applications are due... My friends are saying that it's due in like 3 weeks, but I've been searching online and I can't really find any concrete proof on when it's due. I thought that we were supposed to apply through our university's financial aid department, which probably meant it'd be in the summer months...
I'm so confused right now, I can't really find any information on the OSAP site either...
Can someone answer this question (and preferably show the source of the information)?

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It's due 90 days before the end of the year (so around January). However, if you want your money in September then yes, it's due before June.
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A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
University of Waterloo tells you to apply before June 15th to remain eligible for the entrance bursary (I think)

You apply through the online application at the osap website..not the financial aid department at Waterloo.


Go there and click the OSAP application under "Aid for full time students"

You'll have to register and do what they tell you to do..(I haven't registered yet so that's as far as I can tell you)

I suggest you do it as soon as possible before June 15th.
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The very last day to apply for full OSAP funding is October 15th. But they recommend the June 15th deadline or at least by July so that you're guaranteed to have your money released to you at the beginning of the semester.
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