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Social Scene at Ryerson ?

A photo of Leafss Leafss
So I'm planning on going to Ryerson next year for business management, and I was wondering how the social life is there?
I'll be commuting, but might stay downtown second year.
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A photo of Robert52 Robert52
It is like everything else: it is what you make of it.

Ryerson is @ Yonge and Dundas in the heart of downtown Toronto so nobody can say, being in a big city, that opportunities don't exist. The rest is up to you: how outgoing and friendly are you? Do you get together in study groups and make friends through those groups? Do you join a club or two and make friends that way?

If you are one of those frigid people who are all about academics and study and nothing else, then it wouldn't matter what city you are in or what university you attend--it will be a lonely place.

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A photo of ktel ktel
I love the Ryerson campus. They have made some very good building acquisitions in the downtown core. If it wasn't for their crappy funding I would have probably gone there for grad school
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