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social science @ mac

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what is the admission avg to get into social sciences at mac,
i couldnt find it on einfo

and also, what courses would u take in first year.. i want to get into sociology
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Anticipated Admission Range - September 2011 (Subject To Change)
mid 70s

Check: http://registrar.mcmaster.ca/forms/canad.php

First year courses:

Students in Level I Social Sciences have a great deal of flexibility in their course selection from within the Faculty of Social Sciences, and from other faculties across the campus.
Required: 12 units (from the Faculty of Social Sciences course list below)
Electives: 18 units

ANTHROP 1A03 – Introduction to Anthropology: Culture and Society
ANTHROP 1B03 – World Archaeology
ANTHROP 1Z03 - The Human Species: Becoming and Being Human
ECON 1B03 – Introductory Microeconomics
ECON 1BB3 – Introductory Macroeconomics
GEO 1HA3 – Human Geographies: Society & Culture
GEO 1HB3 - Human Geographies: City & Econony
HLTH AGE 1AA3 - Introduction to Health Studies
HLTH AGE 1BB3 – Aging and Society
INQUIRY 1SS3 - Inquiry in the Social Sciences
LABR ST 1A03 – Introduction to the Canadian Labour Movement
LABR ST 1C03 - Voices of Work, Resistance and Change
POL SCI 1G06 – Politics and Government
PSYCH 1X03 – Introduction to Psychology, Neurosciece & Behaviour
PSYCH 1XX3 - Foundations of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour
RELIG ST 1B06 – World Religions
RELIG ST 1D06 – Modern Study of the Bible
RELIG ST 1J03 – Great Books in Asian Religions
SOC WORK 1A06 – Introduction to Social Work
SOCIOL 1A06 – An Introduction to Sociology

This is taken right from Macmaster's website, go to:
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