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Social Science w/ Ivey

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Hey folks, I can't seem to decide on which courses to pick for my first year at UWO. I'm currently in social science undeclared and aiming to keep my AEO. What are some courses that will prepare me for Ivey while remaining easy enough to keep a 80%?

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Take Comp Sci 1033A/B as an elective (an also counts towards 1.0 science credits you need for graduation). Super easy. Assignments were manageable. Unnecessary to go to class (powerpoints were posted word for word). Exam was all MC and easy if you studied your notes. NO TEXTBOOK! :D

You could also take Poli Sci 1020E. A decent course. Boring at points but if you aren't completely terrible at essays and study for exams (all MC) then you should be able to pull of 80+. If your good at languages take a first year language course.
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