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Social sciences at mcmaster?

A photo of Lunytoons1 Lunytoons1
Has anyone taken part in the social sciences course at mcmaster university?
Anything interesting that stuck out in the program?
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A photo of stephen27 stephen27
I haven't taken the program yet, but I have recently accepted an early offer of admissions for it. I guess we're in both in the same boat pretty much. I'm very excited for it. I'm personally planning to major in Political Sciences and then pursue the study of Law.
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A photo of mandydeko8 mandydeko8
Did anyone take the social work program at McMaster?
I applied to Mcmaster for social work and I am just interested to hear opinions of the program from people who have been there, according to the website the program looks really good and it is my top school/program
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A photo of mmyers12 mmyers12
Sadly, I find that McMaster is more of a science school and that their social science programs are greatly underfunded. :( I wouldn't suggest that school for social sciences if at all possible.
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