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Hey I am planning to apply to Ryerson, Laurentian and York for Social Work and was wondering what do they require other than marks. Do I need to submit any reference letters, my resume or such?

And if it is required, when do I submit it?
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What do their websites say?
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I'm not sure about Laurentian, but I know that both York and Ryerson only require grades.
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A photo of stevef7 stevef7
Hey, I'm Applying to the same Universities for Social Work too!
Laurentian is definitely a Grades-Only Program, but I am confused for Ryerson. At some places on the website It says "Grade-Plus" but in some places it says "Grades Only".
Do you know if it is? Also-For York is it Grades only?
Also what is Your Average like?
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A photo of ha7777 ha7777
For York you do need a supplementary application. Just go on einfo and it gives you an option for the program wizard... click on that!

After that, just add all the schools and program you want and it will give you an option for more detail and thats where it says what schools have addition application and what don't :)
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A photo of stevef7 stevef7
Hey! Thanks very much!

I checked my "York MyFile" and clicked: "Supporting Documents" to see what I need to submit and It said "Supporting Documentation

At this time, and according to the information you provided to support your application, we do not require any further information."

What should I do?
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Just keep checking back every once in awhile to make sure you still dont't need to send in anything else
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A photo of annaphoenix annaphoenix
I think they just look at your marks for the most part
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A photo of Joanne22 Joanne22
You can always call the Office of the Registrar. Someone there should be able to answer your questions and if they can't, they will transfer you to someone who can.
It is always easier to get the answers from a person :) Usually it is just based on marks though.
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Hi there. I also applied to a few schools for Social Work, including Ryerson. The only school that I've applied to that required more than marks was Carlton, which wants two references I believe.
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A photo of GradClassof2012 GradClassof2012
Cool I'm planning on apply to Social Work too :)
Mount Royal Univerisity in Calgary Alberta for a plain degree and then UofCalgary for a Bacholor and Master degree. From there I want to go into schools and be a Social Work counsellor.
I'm looking at scholarships and things but I can't do much in grade 11 :S Anty good ones I should look for?
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