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Software Engineering @ Waterloo?

A photo of lolcostco lolcostco
This is probably the 29th thread of it's kind out here, and I'm sorry. >_<

The big question is... Do you think I'll be admitted?

Advanced Functions: 85 (FINAL)
Calculus: 90 (Expected Mid-term)
Chemistry: 70 (FINAL)
Physics: 89 (Expected Mid-term)
English: 75 (Expected Mid-term)
Biology: 98 (Expected Mid-term)
Computer Engineering: 94 (FINAL)
Computer Science: 95 (Expected Mid-term)
Robotics Engineering: 85 (FINAL)

Estimated top SIX average: 84.5

I'm on the schools' Robotics team, so we were part of VEX and are currently a FIRST team.
Uhh.. Student Council member, Yearbook Pres, bunch of other clubs and sports.
Wrote the CCC last week, and my teacher said I scored the highest in our school.
Already registered for Euclid and SIN.
What else.. I did some enrichment program @ UofT (Girls' Science and Engineering Saturdays)

I know. my marks are low. ._.
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A photo of noxx98 noxx98
I think you'll be OK. If you are a girl (Im guessing since you attended Girls S&E Saturdays), that can help your chances since schools always are looking to diversify a bit more.
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A photo of Haru Haru

@lolcostco wrote
enrichment program @ UofT (Girls' Science and Engineering Saturdays)

hey cool! i think i did this at some point in high school too. never went after that one year though. too much of a hassle going downtown LOL. fun while it lasted =)

about your marks. it indicates "individual selection from mid 80s". I think your marks JUST borderline a bit on the lower side. try your best to pull it up by 2-3% just to be on the safe side and you'll be all set.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Hey! I'm a girl too and I've applied to the same program :)
Your marks are kind of borderline but Engineering takes into account of all the ECs you've done and it looks like you've got quite a few. There are people with high 80s who don't get in and people with mid 80s who do and it all depends on the AIF.
Maybe just aim to get a higher mark in English if you can.

Otherwise, it's pretty likely you'll be accepted to Computer Science or be given an alternate offer to CS if you haven't applied to it.

Good luck and hopefully I'll see you there next year! (that is if I get in too haha)
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Good luck to both of you applying to Software Engineering.
I am also applying for it too :P

I'm sorta lucky tho because I've already been accepted in to Computer Science COOP so I at least have a back-up.
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A photo of aimango aimango
You don't know how long the female:male ratio has been under ~1:12, Im pretty sure theyll make an exception for you. Highest CCC mark is pretty impressive. IDK when your AIF is due, but I hope you updated it to show that achievement. Chem 70% is fine, you only need 1 chem in you SE degree, and you dont even take it till 2nd year.

But yeah seriously, a lot of people tell me I have an advantage cause Im a girl. Take advantage of this advantage : P
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A photo of plato plato

@aimango wrote
ask me stuff

How do you find SW eng at waterloo? Are you glad you chose waterloo? if yes, why? I'm debating between UT and UW for ECE.
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