yconic - Someone set this straight for me please!!!!!!
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Someone set this straight for me please!!!!!!

A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
For Mcmaster Business 1, it required two math courses. Do both of these math courses have to be in your top six or do you just need to have the credits?? I have had mixed answers?


Top Six

Economics- 83
English- 78
Advanced Functions- 59
World Issues- 86
Data Management- 97
International Business- 90
Religion- 87
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A photo of Windsongs4 Windsongs4
if it's a prerequisite then yes it's part of your top 6
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
if the prequisite for mc business says english and two math courses, then your top 6 will include that. so really they look at your top 3, eng, and 2 math courses.
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