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Songs To Study To

A photo of ovaltinerox ovaltinerox
What are some good songs to study to?

I'm currently listening to Mother Mother and Crystal Castles.

Any recommendations?
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8 replies
A photo of vrbx vrbx
hey, if you go on stereomoods.com you will find a wide range of moods to choose from. click on the one you are feeling (ie. reading, or studying) and it will make a playlist of hundreds of very cool music you've probably never heard before pertaining perfectly to that mood.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
put on some relaxing music. it'll help you focus more on the task at hand rather than the song lyrics. try to avoid your favourite songs, since you'll get caught up in how much you love that song rather than the work you're doing.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Sometimes your favourite songs get you into the mood though, I listen to my favourite music and I do better than listening to relaxing music. It's just all based on people's personalities and how well they can manage.

You just have to try and figure out what is best for you. :)
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A photo of cjengel cjengel
Chequerboard! Soooo relaxing. "Indian Ink" is my study song of choice
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A photo of WessK WessK
A lot of times I find instrumental versions of songs I like to be the best choice. They are soothing, evoke positive emotions in me, but don't have lyrics to catch my attention and pull me out of the zone.
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A photo of Nyx Nyx
Jazz is what i usually listen to...and then i turn it off cuz it gets annoying :)
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A photo of AimForTheStars AimForTheStars
I usually listen to Spanish music,Eminem or long remixes to songs.My personal favourite at the moment is Mr.Brightside by the Killers.:)
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A photo of KimKat KimKat
I listen to everything and anything, but I really like to listen to Norah Jones and Jason Mraz.
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