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sould i retake english 30??

A photo of jisu9411 jisu9411
im a hugh school student who is currently in alberta
kk here is my question!

im planning to go to ubc for business degree(commerce) and in order to get accepted i saw that my english requirement has to be above 75%
my ela 30class mark was high 80's
but unfortunately, i got below 50 for my english diploma exam ... which worsened my final mark...
my final mark dropped to 65, which is below the english requirement....
but for my other required subj
my math 30 is 95
my art 30is in 90's
calculus in 90's
chem 30 in 90's
what should i do??
should i retake ela30??( if i retake them only diploma mark matters right..?)
please help me...!!!
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A photo of ktel ktel
Just rewrite the diploma.
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