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spare block?

A photo of sarahq93 sarahq93
i applied for mac health sci and a couple of other programs. i was planning on taking a spare this semester, will this reduce my chances of being offered admission?

i already have chem 12, bio 12, math 12 (trig), english 12, world issues 12, and computer science 12.

this semester i plan on taking political science 12, canadian geography 12, math 12 (calc) and leadership 12.

if i go with these courses i would have seven grade 11 courses and 10 grade 12 courses. i also did a summer program this summer and received two grade 11 co-op credits.

am i going to be at a major disadvantage with a spare?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Definitely not.
You already have all the pre-reqs that you need to get into the program, more than necessary anyways.
Having a spare will only help you increase your marks in the courses that you're still working on towards your admission average.
I have 2 spares right now and it actually helps a LOT. So much more time to study and do homework.
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A photo of sarahq93 sarahq93
i'd really like a spare, as you said to study. and i really want to bring up my average as much as possible.

so they won't care that i would have less credits as a result?

p.s. your sig coding looks familiar. ; ]
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
No. I had a spare 2nd sem in grade 12 and got into health sci.
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A photo of sweetsour024 sweetsour024
I second that. You should tale the spare to studie!
It shouldn't make a difference only that you will have more studie time to keep your marks high
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A photo of danielafaykoo danielafaykoo
as long as you have the prerequisites it doesn't matter
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