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specializing in med school?

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how specific are the courses in med school, if someone was focused on being a family doctor or an optometrist would they have to do surgery and stuff like that in med school?
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You specialize after med school through internship and residency, that's where you would get the bulk of your knowledge of surgical procedures. Also an optometrist is not a MD, they don't go to med school, they go to optometry school. An ophthalmologist is a MD that has also completed an internship and residency to specialize in eye and vision problems.

Med school courses are general for the first half and then you start doing rotations in the 3rd/4th year where you rotate through different medical specialties in a teaching hospital. But if you know you want to go into peds, you can't just choose to do the peds rotation, you still have to complete all of them so it's still not specific.
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