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A photo of RishadN RishadN
hey guys, I accepted my offer at St George for Life sciences (Neuroscience). But the university only had my midterm mark, in which i had a 83% in calculus. After the exam, my mark went down to a 64% and I'm freaking out. I called St. George and they told me to take it again in summer school... What if they reject me, even if i go to summer school? Would they do that? I heard that even if you're mark goes down 20% you'll be okay... I don't know if that's accurate tho... Please help
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Your offer is likely going to be revoked. I can't even feel sorry for you, how do you drop from 83 to 64??

and as for the people whose marks went down 20%, they had mid 90s to begin with. Your final marks have to be above high 70s to retain UT offer.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
shirlx, nice signature. Where'd you find it?

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A photo of esin esin
83 -> 64 ?

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A photo of FallenOrchid FallenOrchid
Hey, no worries. If they tell you to take it in summer school, you're essentially okay.
This is what happens:

You have already informed St.George of your plans to take summer school and what your situation is.

Be SPECIFIC. Make sure they know exactly who you are, in terms of applicant number, etc.
They will need to know this information in order to expect your updated transcript from summer school. This is to ensure you still have a placement next year. Confirm with the office that these are the steps to take.

Later this month, St.George will receive your marks from day school through OUAC (assuming you are from Ontario). Do not panic, if you have followed through with the above steps. Make sure to send your summer school results through the appropriate means (check with the Admissions office) to St.George as soon as possible.

Best of luck.

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A photo of RishadN RishadN
Thanks a lot FallenOrchid, I have done that and am currently in a private school.

esin.. i know 83 to 64 is crazzyyyyy but the exam was hard... 17 out of 29 failed it and the ones who passed passed with 50s and 60s... I had no idea this would happen... but surprisingly my average is still an 83% (eng, calc, ... top 4 courses)

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A photo of ArchEnemy ArchEnemy
Wow 29 students in Calculus? You must go to a pretty small HS eh? Anyway if your average is still an 83%, they should still be able to give you a conditional acceptance as it's still within acceptable range..
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