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A photo of KWala KWala
What si statistics and actuaries about? Which universities are the best for it and which programs? any tips? what is the nedd of actuaries in the real world? Tell me anything and everythin you know!
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A photo of LWilliams LWilliams
I was where you are right now 2 months ago. Actuarial science is basically calculating and determining the likelihood of certain events occurring. Statistics is also on the same boat. But this stuff is no walk in the park, this is HARD. You need to be good at Data Management, Advanced Functions, and Calculus. I'd say you should have 90s or high 80s in mathematics.

Waterloo has the best Actuarial Science program in Canada. But you study it during second year, during first year you do university math which is also why you need to be good at all kinds of math. Second year, you major in Actuarial Science if you've got the marks.
Other places that offer: Western and UFT.
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A photo of LWilliams LWilliams
Actuaries was rated the number 1 job by Career Cast. The demand is steadily increasing but nothing like the demand of a software engineer which is off the charts nowadays.
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A photo of g93 g93
Like the person above said, Waterloo is the best, and you should be very very good at all forms of math, and enjoy it. If you don't like math or don't have the highest marks, the it may not be the job for you. They get paid well and as the person above also mentioned, there is a demand for them now.
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A photo of Haru Haru
A question for all those who're currently in university studying to be an actuary. How easy is it for you to find internships?? If you've already done one, how was it like?
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A photo of ShenTo ShenTo
My brother is an actuary who has just graduated with 5 exams under his belt (one more than the average 4 exams done). The demand for actuarial jobs is so great, his graduate friends and he himself have problems finding jobs even with successful internships (it's been a year and he's still at home).

The supply way surpasses demand, I'd advise against pursuing this career path. If you like mathematics, try accounting or else you may find yourself unemployed and unsatisfied.
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