yconic - Still uneasy about which to engineering to apply for;What should I do?
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Still uneasy about which to engineering to apply for;What should I do?

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So i'm someone who likes to be on computers a lot and i don't mind all day computers but i also like working in shops(Machines, Woodshops). I like Math and Science a lot. So i figured mechanical and software/computer engineering programs would be a good path, but then there is the problem of job markets and succeeding in university. The stories that people drop out because its too difficult makes me so nervous that I'm thinking of staying back a year in high school to fully decide my future.
So far the universities i have on my application are
University of Toronto-Track one
Ryerson - Undeclared engineering
Waterloo- Mechanical engineering
UOIT- Mechanical engineering

Should i apply to computer science at UFT scarborough campus even though i haven't taken intro to computer science at my highschool? The UofTScarborough CompSci program itself does not ask for ICS4U as a prerequisite but should i go into degree without having any experience with programming? I like the idea of programming things, using a computer to create apps/web pages. This all intrigues me, but should i go for software engineering since they are almost identical programs?

Or should I stay back for grade 13(or in other words 12 again), to think what i should go into or would that be a waste of time and knowledge because currently i am doing well in high school courses. Can anyone give me some advice on what to consider?
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^ In engineering programs that don't have a general first year, you go straight into your specialization in your first year and it's not super easy to switch.

If you're unsure I would highly suggest you go to an engineering school with a general first year. Get some courses under your belt before you decide. Mechanical engineering is a pretty broad discipline and leaves you open to a lot of careers if you do decide to go straight into it in first year.
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