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Still waiting for Uoft eng reply

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Hi guys,

I have an 84 % average and on my portal it still says not yet reviewed...do you know when will the last ones like me be given an offer....my first choice is electrical...do you think i can get in with this avg...and one more point..now my current avg is 85.2 but the uni's have the april sumbitted marks i.e 84% so what can I do to tell the uni abt that......

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I went to the admissions office the other day. Apparently (I assume it was the secretary who told me) all the offers have been given out, however, if you final grade is significantly higher than your midterm grade, you can go to the office and appeal to them and they might give you an offer then. I don't know how much you can trust that statement, but if you don't get your offer by June 2, accept another offer and appeal to them when you get your report card.
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I don't think you have to worry that much!! Actually my application has been decision pending for more than a week now so I decided to e-mail them as I was really worrying and I still because I haven't received any offer yet so far and I got this repply:

Your application has now been reviewed and your decision should be reflected on the Applicant Portal by the end of next week. Please check the OUAC and your Applicant Portal frequently over the next week or so for the final decision. You will also receive a letter in the mail from us in a week from now reflecting the Admission Committee’s decision.

Guys I really dunno what does it mean. I dunno if I am accepted or not but what I am sure about is that they have already made my decision and I will receive my offer if any next week max! However, this e-mail also means that offers are still continuous until next week so far! so keep your fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!

P.S: I am an international student and apparently most of the decisions for international students are made by late may as said on their applicant guide for international students unlike local residents of canada who I think must receive their offer max by mid may as stated in their website. Also, there are some friends I know their status changed lately from not yet reviwed to accepted lol !! don't forget that UofT is slow updating their portal !!
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