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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
What's your favourite stock guys? Or a company that you would short?
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A photo of sunny1011 sunny1011
lol i only do etfs and inverse etfs now

on occasions i do options on canadian gold stocks (easily predictable due to the sequences in the Fibonacci charts)

i did flip on aapl on its last leg up, it was nice but not as it was when i rode it from 250 back to 350 ;)
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
Go long on Apple, short on RIM! But seriously most of the people here are in high school LOL. Ask on WSO I guess, since a lot of people there work in finance :)
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A photo of ASR ASR
yo sunny1011, u sound pretty smart, wats ur avg? where do u think ur going for uni?
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A photo of Finance27 Finance27
Right now, the US financial instruments and major tech. companies are on the rise. Go buy. But as soon as a decline is noticed, I would definitely short. For example, AAPL has skyrocketed since it nearly DOUBLED what it was just a couple of months ago..unbelievable really. I expect it to fall back down to 400 at least. RIM will be stationary for the next few months or maybe year. I don't suspect the stock to die out, unless the company really starts to diminish. As long as they keep their financial profits high, the stock will actually rise. BAC was an interesting stock. It also doubled from just a couple of months ago. It was on the verge of crashing, but it has gained its reign and is at something around 10 now. The US stocks are too complicated to understand. They are often set by many market makers. You can never predict what will happen.

If I was beginning off, I would definitely stick to Canadian stocks, especially resource companies such as UUU or Gold, copper, etc. - That's one of Canada's strongest industries, which is resource wealth.
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