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Strange Rotman Commerce Acceptance?

A photo of vince1266 vince1266
So I have a close friend who didn't even take Calculus, nor fill out his personal statement, but a couple days ago, he received his acceptance lettre into Rotman Commerce. Is this even possible? I thought they either: 1) Gave out early acceptances in February if you completed your personal statement before January or 2) Will do their next round of admissions on May 30th. Could this be a mistake on their part and in this kind of situation, could they reject his offer? On the plus side, his top six is an 88% but from what I've seen, everyone who got accepted had a 90%+ average
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A photo of Zarathustra Zarathustra
This hoodlum from my school got expelled during the last few months of second semester for his involvement in the stabbing of some student from our school which resulted in his failure to pass calculus and he still got into Rotman (average was low 80s? from bird courses and low marks in English as well). Their admissions is strange to say the least.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
they do an admissions check once all the acceptance deadline has passed. if you dont meet requirements your out
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A photo of Chara Chara
All universities will make special exceptions for exceptional students.

My close friend is an internationally ranked rower, and she received acceptance to Queens Commerce with no PSE and no application back in October or November on a full scholarship.
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Wow...................Mind blown
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