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Stress (MARKS)

A photo of jaysivakumar jaysivakumar
My school is very competitive academically-speaking.

People are always talking about their marks every day! It gets so annoying sometimes and I think its adding to my stress. (I have to get a lot of scholarships because it is the primary way I have to pay for my education so I need really good marks! Luckily, my local university offers a great number of entrance scholarships.)

How do I ignore other people? I feel so stressed out and I don't feel like I am performing my best because of this.

Also, in my Chemistry class we've had five quizzes and I messed up on two of them. I got like 3/6 and 8/12. The quizzes were so simple but I made mistakes because I had like five minutes to complete them and I was so stressing so much! These two marks brought down my overall mark to an 81%. (All my other marks are perfects or in the nineties.)

Although, my teacher says he removes your two lowest quiz marks (next semester not for this report card), I still feel so stressed out. I know in the long run, especially after those two marks are removed, my average in that class will be higher but I can't help but feel bad about it because I need to get 90% +.
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Stress is a natural part of grade twelve. Now that you're applying to universities you have to understand that every evaluation you get back will actually be important. This forces you to keep your guard up and walk a certain academic tightrope, where mistakes can lead to future consequences.

Your classmates all understand that, and subsequently are probably acting like keeners and selfish wannabe-geniuses who derive their own self worth from doing better than others in school. This is a normal part of the public education system, especially if you're in a school with an enhanced program or an IB program, and even more so if your class is full with second generation international students. Many of them will be ruthless over the course of the year now that there are actual stakes on the line, as opposed to the previous years of high school, which meant absolutely nothing.

Don't be distraught by them being annoying, as it actually has no little to no impact on your personal success. There are going to be pools of thousands and thousands of applicants that apply to your programs; being intimidated by your own high school is looking at a small portion of the big picture. With this in mind, it becomes easy to ignore them, although you may be someone who thrives off of competition.

Overall, worrying doesn't do you a great deal of good either. Be cautious of your future chemistry quizzes as you know what could happen if you slipped up again. If you study for an evaluation and find yourself over-stressed during it, take slow deep breaths. The worst thing you can do is getting frustrated and risk losing control of your short-term and long-term memory.

Your teachers (for the most part) are also reasonable people. Let them know that you want to succeed in the coming year and they'll be understanding and may even adjust your marks to help you get into a program of your choice.

Good luck!
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A photo of GingerKid GingerKid
Honestly don't listen to what other people are saying. Worry about your own grades and your own success. These people may have very good grades but not succeed in college or university.

Just enjoy the ride.
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A photo of briannabeaver briannabeaver
Couple tips here. Don't listen to what other people say. I try not to share /any/ of my marks except with my closest friends [who usually aren't in my classes] and my family. They will give me the congratulations I'm looking for to make myself feel even awesomer. Just shrug off somebody else's marks when they share them. Don't get involved in the 'man i didn't start this essay till the night before and I still pulled off a 65' type conversations. They will degrade your mark because you 'had more time to work on it'.

Secondly, don't stress about two bad quizzes. They suck, yeah. They bring your mark down, yeah. But your prof is being very nice and making the lowest two disappear. Stupid mistakes are still mistakes. Just be sure to learn from them. As for the time constraint, approach your professor ASAP about it. Ask for 10 mins, or 15. Tell him/her about your silly mistakes that you made due to the stress of the ticking clock. Do not whine. They are people too, but also think of how many people come to them grubbing for unfair marks and passes etc.

To make myself feel better about low marks, I factor them into my entire mark. So yeah, you got a 50% on a quiz. Factor it in. Once you put the weighting scheme into place, it's not so bad! Careful though, this is a double edged sword. I have wasted time on exams figuring out the mark I need to get a 90% in the course, etc.

Just believe in yourself. Focus on the good, learn from the bad, and forget all those other guys. :)
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A photo of OscarUK OscarUK
You sound like a focused guy/girl, keep that up... it's the best motivation you can possibly have to have a clear goal and aim for it.
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A photo of jaysivakumar jaysivakumar
Thank you guys so much for your encouragement! It means so much! I am no longer stressed thanks to you guys! :D

I will keep my head up and continue to work hard keeping in mind that this year is important!

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